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Bullet Cost Calculator

With its advanced capabilities, Ballistic can calculate for atmospheric conditions, Coriolis effect, gyroscopic spin, and more. It’s also much more. With a vast library of nearly 5,000 projectiles and factory loads, rangefinder, range log, and head-up display, Ballistic is a complete mobile companion for hunting or at the range. has created a handy online Reloading Costs Calculator that lets you quickly compare the cost of reloaded ammo vs. factory ammo. Just enter the costs of powder, primers, bullets, and brass, and the Calculator will tell you the cost per round, per 20-rd box, per 50-rd box, and cost per thousand.

This makes it possible to calculate the recovery cost per bullet (column 1) and thus compare the true life-cycle cost of a leaded 5.56 mm ball bullet (column 2) to the lead-free tungsten bullet (32).

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The good news is that the cost of a smartphone-based ballistic calculator ranges from free to $29.99. For the average shooter, a free app can considerably improve his or her ability to accurately engage targets and, more importantly, learn the consistency and limitations of a rifle and load combination.

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Load Data: Handload database, sort by caliber, bullet weight, powder manufacturer, type or velocity. guests favorite handloads. Handloading Cost Calculator.

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To calculate the cost for a load fill in the fields. After completing the fields, calculate the cost of a loaded cartridge. Or calculate the total cost per box. This calculator does not include the cost of brass. >>